What is Web Authentication?

Web authentication using a TLS/SSL certificate authenticates a website's identity and enables an encrypted connection through a digital certificate. A TLS/SSL certificate ensures the privacy of any sensitive data transmitted over the internet, protecting it from eavesdroppers and other security threats.

TLS/SSL certificates are the essential components for achieving this level of protection and confidentiality. It prevents hackers from accessing sensitive information.

Trustgate TLS/SSL

Global corporations to local shops are transforming digitally. Websites are the most common point of connection between companies and the individuals they serve. Some online contacts involve high-value financial transactions or confidential information, while others are more basic. Every online interaction, however simple, requires a comprehensive security solution, of which TLS/SSL is the most vital part.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer establish a secure encrypted connection between a Client and a Server, while Transport Layer Security (TLS) an upgraded and improved version of SSL that offers increased protection. Transport Layer Security (TLS), based on implicit connections, is the result of numerous protocol iterations that aim to enhance security.

As a convenience to our clients, we still use the name "SSL" to describe our security certificates, but be assured that when you purchase SSL from Trustgate, you are receiving upgraded TLS certificates that can be encrypted using either ECC, RSA, or DSA.

Trustgate TLS/SSL Certificate Management

Trustgate offers TLS/SSL Certificate Management for enterprises to avoid overspending unnecessarily on security and implement a safe and easy TLS/SSL management. You will be able to increase the overall security of your website by using Trustgate TLS/SSL Certificate Management. This will provide you with the control and visibility you require to standardise and assure compliance.

Trustgate TLS/SSL Certificate Management is designed for companies that need to have as little as 5 to thousands of SSL certificates in the organization. It is suitable for multiple servers, server farms, clustered server environments, server load balancers, SSL accelerators and SSL VPN appliances.

With the assistance of Trustgate TLS/SSL Certificate Management solution, you will be able to generate all Server Digital Certificates that you require. This will make it possible for you to protect all of the Web servers in your domain throughout an entire organisation.

Why Do You Need Trustgate TLS/SSL Certificate Management?

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Bundled certificates

Our Flexible Certificate bundles include certificates that can be purchased in bundles of 10, 25, 50, 100, or more certificates.

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Broad compatibility

The Global Server Certificates are interoperable with all of the major web servers, such as Microsoft IIS, Netscape, Apache, Lotus, Tandem, and Nanoteq.

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Centralized certificate management

We offer efficient centralized Certificate administration that will let you secure and manage multiple servers across your domain, as well as renew Certificates and purchase additional Certificates with no effort.

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Easy set-up and configuration

Using our user-friendly web-based system, you can begin issuing Server Certificates in no time.

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One-step purchasing - take advantage of a single enrolment process, purchase order, and volume discounts

SSL Certificate Verification Process

Submit Document
In order to process SSL Certificate order, customer need to submit below documents:

Complete enrolment form (Web Server Specification, Domain Name, Organization Contact, Technical Contact).


CSR file – Customer need to generate the CSR file at the server.

Domain Authentication
Domain Authentication Requirements

MSC Trustgate first tries to authenticate the domain listed in your enrolment through publicly available domain name registration information. If we cannot automatically authenticate your domain name control, we require an authorization letter from that domain's owner. This step prevents applicants from fraudulently or accidentally obtaining SSL Certificates for domains that do not belong to them.

Verification Call

The organizational contact is an employee of the organization.


The organizational contact is aware and approves of the certificate request.


The technical contact is authorized to receive the certificate.


Once validation and verification done, the SSL certificate will be issue to the technical contact by email.

Install Certificate
Install Certificate

Customer may proceed install the SSL certificate at their server.