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Trust. It's in the name.

MSC Trustgate was incorporated in 1999 and we are one of four licensed Certificate Authorities (CA) as listed by the Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission (MCMC) under the Digital Signature Act 1997 to issue and manage digital certificates / identity based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for the Malaysian market.

MSC Trustgate’s business and profitability has since continued its upward growth. Various projects have been completed by MSC Trustgate which involves diverse sector in Malaysia such as government sector, financial institutions, healthcare and others. We have provided extensive PKI solutions for more than 20 years and we are expanding our PKI solutions aligned with the digital era.


Our Vision

“To enable organizations to conduct their business securely over the Internet, as much as what they have been enjoying in the physical world.”

Security is the primary concern of entering into the new Internet economy.
The ever-changing paradigm of e-commerce requires a well-mandated security infrastructure.

WebTrust Accredited

Roles, functions, obligations and activities are being audited annually in accordance with the security standards and policies as a CA.

Highly Secure IT Infrastructure

Secure data centre facilities with trustworthy environment enforced with physical security, intrusion detection, computer data and network security measures.

Reliable and Trusted

Extensive experience in the implementation of PKI solutions and on providing advice on PKI deployments, PKI based identity/permission management and PKI digital signature solutions.

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