What is Digital Identity?

Digital identity, also known as digital certificate, use to prove the identity of a person/ machine. Digital ID are issued by the Certificate Authority (CA) and signed with CA Private key.

One of the most crucial aspects is applicants are systematically verified with several layers of authentication such as ID number, bank account and other databases. This will make sure the identity of applicant is real, the enrollment of digital ID and further transaction is under applicant consent.

Trusted Digital Identity enables you to have trusted online interaction such as sharing confidential message, digitally signed document, make online payment and others.

In simple terms, your digital identity is the compilation of information about you that exists in digital form.

Why do you need Digital ID?

Before this your identities can be proved physically by carrying our ID card and driving license. Nowadays, it is important for you to have digital identity not only to prove your identity in digital world, but it is also crucial to secure your identity from being theft and misuse by others.

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Digital ID is unique because each person only has one identity and the user have their own private key.

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Protect & Control

Protects user privacy and ensures control over personal data.You will have sole control of your private key. Thus, only you have the right to control the use of your personal data.

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Established with individual consent

Individual consent refers to the user agreement to have digital ID and every transaction/online interaction using digital ID will need approval and permission from the user.

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Verified and authenticated

The identity of the user has been verified since the onboarding process by using eKYC features and personal information are verified through several databases. Besides, the login process are using 2 factor authentication (2FA).

Potential application of digital identity

Electronic Healthcare record

Patients can access their health record, share the record with authorized parties and sign documents. Besides, digital ID can be used to get e-prescription

Financial Institution

Customer verified their identity by digital ID to open new account, apply for loan and conduct various transaction by using mobile phone.

Telecommunication verification

Make the telecommunication services flexible where you can subscribe to various internet plan, change of sim card and updating personal data without have to physically attend at telecommunication service centre.

Education linked authentication

Can be used for students to apply scholarship, loan, university admission, class attendance and for university to digitally sign eScroll.

E-commerce verification

Buyer and seller verification by using digital ID can reduce time spent and enhanced the trust & assurance on the E-commerce platform

How Digital Identity Works?