What is Digital Seal?

Digital seal is a corporate digital signature that represents legal entity (business/organization) which can be used by more than one person within legal entity. Hence, human users are required to authorize the use of Digital seal. In a simple word, Digital seal is a digital version of company conventional stamp. Same context as personal digital signature, the identity of business/organization have been authenticated by the Trusted CA.

Digital seal can be used to automatically sign bulk documents such as  
e-invoices, e-statements, e-receipt, e-scrolls and others. The main purpose of digital seal is to guarantee both integrity and originality of the document.

Why Seal Your Document with Digital Seal?

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Set Up Easily

Quick and easy to set up with no technical expertise required.

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Proof that the document has not been changed since Digital seal was implemented

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Verifies the signer's identity to be who they say they are

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Comply to MST & UTC Sources

RFC 3161 compliant with strong 256-bit hash algorithm.

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Legally binding

Documents are legally binding and have a court-admissible digital signature

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Recognized and compatible with most systems and applications, including Microsoft and Adobe.

How Digital Seal Works?