What is MyTrust.Biz?

MyTrust.Biz is a complete digital signature solution that utilises the eKYC technology in issuing Digital ID and Digital Signature for businesses to onboard customers digitally without the need for over-the-counter document approval processes. With MyTrust.Biz, digitally signing onboarding documents is easy, efficient and secure.

In line with today’s rising adoption of electronic documents through the use of software such as Adobe that supports the authentication of digital data based on public key infrastructure (PKI) technologies, your digital signature is well supported across various digital platforms.

Licensed under the Digital Signature Act 1997 to issue and manage digital certificates and verify digital signatures, bid farewell to pen-and-ink document signing practice and embark on a digital document signing experience that is legally binding and non-repudiable with utmost security.

MyTrust.Biz Trust Services Solutions

Digital Signature

Digital Seal

Document Stamping


MyTrust.Biz uses MyTrustID as electronic identity (eID) to run the system. Plus, this platform uses AATL Document Signing Certificate in most cases.

Why Digitise with MyTrust.Biz

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Authenticity and Integrity

Assurance that any document and its content has not been changed or tampered with post-digitally signed.

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Accessible anytime and anywhere with easy tracking search and retrieve function, which is crucial for time-sensitive cases.

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Prevalent Adoption of eDocument

High user adoption as 90% of business documents is created in electronic format.

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Cost Saving

Cut paper-related costs by eliminating paper-based approval processes and reducing the amount of physical storage required for physical copies.

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The signer cannot deny the signature that have been done

Digitise today with MyTrust.Biz

MyTrust.Biz Integrations

Embed e-signing functionality to your business processes and applications using our open API.