MSC Trustgate's trusted timestamping Software as s Service (SaaS) provides a low cost and easy method to apply RFC 3161 trusted timestamps to time-sensitive transactions through Malaysia Standard Time (MST) and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) sources.

MSC Trustgate timestamping service helps organizations reduce potential liability associated with time-sensitive transactions by providing a long term validation and non-repudiation of the time and date the transaction took place using standards-based implementation that is easily recognizable and compatible.

Adding a trusted timestamp to code or an electronic signature provides a digital seal of data integrity and a trusted date and time of when the transaction took place. Recipients of documents and code with a trusted timestamp can verify when the document or code was digitally or electronically signed, as well as verify that the document or code was not altered after the date the timestamp vouches for.

Features and Benefits

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RFC 3161 compliance

RFC 3161 compliant with strong 256-bit hash algorithm synchronize with Malaysia Standard Time.

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Recognized and compatible with most systems and applications, including Microsoft and Adobe.

How it Works?