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MSC Trustgate is one of four licensed Certificate Authorities (CA) as listed by the Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission (MCMC) under the Digital Signature Act 1997 to issue and manage digital certificates / identity based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for the Malaysian market.

MSC Trustgate.com Sdn Bhd (“MSC Trustgate”), was incorporated on 4 March 1999 as a private limited company in Malaysia under the name of MSC Cybersign International Sdn Bhd. The establishment of MSC Trustgate was an initiative by MDeC to meet one of its long term goals – to accelerate the growth of e-commerce in Malaysia by providing secure and reliable environment for businesses to conduct online transactions . The charter of MSC Trustgate is to be the market leader in providing products and services related to the security of Internet infrastructure and services. MSC Trustgate assumed its present name on 7 July 2000. MSC Trustgate is principally engaged in the development/provision of PKI systems and digital certification through the electronic commerce trusted internet services.

Since MSC Trustgate’s incorporation in 1999, VeriSign, a leading global certification authority, had been a regional affiliate principal and also an equity partner, holding approximately 5.57% equity interest in MSC Trustgate. This partnership allowed MSC Trustgate to market and provide services under the VeriSign brand name within the region, covering amongst others, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Cambodia and Laos, thereby increasing its regional market presence. Pursuant to the acquisition of VeriSign’s identity and authentication business by Symantec Corporation in August 2010, Symantec has then taken over the role as the regional affiliate principal of MSC Trustgate, providing products and services based on the Symantec brand.

In July 2000, MSC Trustgate was awarded Certificate Authority (“CA”) license by SKMM. It is also the digital time stamping service provider that provides digital date/time stamp, which is a cryptographically digital declaration that can be used as evidence of the date/time a computer record was created and can be attached to a digital signature, message or other document. MSC Trustgate is a licensed CA approved by SKMM to issue digital certificates and also provide security solutions and trusted services to help companies build a secure network and application infrastructure for the electronic transactions and communications over the network.

In December 2000, MSC Trustgate was granted its MSC status by MDEC and also received certification of its pioneer status by MITI. This has allowed the Company to enjoy incentives granted to MSC companies with pioneer status, which amongst others, included tax exemption benefits. In addition, as an MSC status company, MSC Trustgate was required to establish at least one (1) office in Cyberjaya, which was the centralised location of IT-based companies in Malaysia. For this reason, MSC Trustgate had established its main data centre in Cyberjaya to comply with the requirements imposed on it as an MSC status company and also to strategically locate itself in the heart of the IT hub in Malaysia to provide better services to its clients.

In December 2002, following MSC Trustgate’s numerous dealings with the GoM, MSC Trustgate was awarded with a project to participate in the PKI-enabled MyKad, establishing the Company’s position as a provider of quality PKI services and consequently serving as a stepping stone for further participations with the GoM in the PKI service industry. The introduction of the MyKad, being one (1) of four (4) MSC Malaysia flagship applications, allowed Malaysia to be one (1) of the forerunning countries to use an identification card that incorporates both photo and fingerprint biometric data on an in-built computer chip. MyKad may also serve as an ATM card, an electronic purse, and a digital identification, amongst other applications, if the user chooses to activate such functions.

In December 2008, Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Governor of Bank Negara, emphasized the need to strengthen consumer confidence in the safety, security and reliability of mobile networks as a means for consumers to access financial services in her keynote speech at the Mobile Signature Symposium 2008, an event co-sponsored by MSC Trustgate. In the same event, Encik Bistamam Siru Abdul Rahman, Chairman of MSC Trustgate, shared how mobile digital signature solution would help ensure transactions remained secure and reliable.

In 2015, several individuals and ManagePay Systems Berhad had acquired the shares of the Company from the previous shareholders of Trustgate with a view to revamp the business operations and to introduce a new management team to our Group. With the new management and shareholders in place, along with the injection of additional capital into the Company, MSC Trustgate’s business and profitability has since continued its upward growth.

Our Vision

“To enable organizations to conduct their business securely over the Internet, as much as what they have been enjoying in the physical world.”

Security is the primary concern of entering into the new Internet economy.
The ever-changing paradigm of e-commerce requires a well-mandated security infrastructure.

WebTrust Accredited

Roles, functions, obligations and activities are being audited annually in accordance with the security standards and policies as a CA.

Highly Secure IT Infrastructure

Secure data centre facilities with trustworthy environment enforced with physical security, intrusion detection, computer data and network security measures.

Reliable and Trusted

Extensive experience in the implementation of PKI solutions and on providing advice on PKI deployments, PKI based identity/permission management and PKI digital signature solutions.

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