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Electronic Documents that are stored in or transported over electronic medium (ie. internet, CD, tape etc) are not secure. Find out how you can secure those documents before someone tap into your information.
How do you verify the identity of your visitors online? Using a digital ID (an electronic credential) you can authenticates the user's identity absolutely, positively. Find out how the enterprises worldwide use Digital IDs to secure their online businesses.
An intelligent solution to deliver personalized, dynamic account statements that is digitally signed and time-stamped.
SSL server ID offers you the ability to secure your web site and establish a trust connections between you and your customers.
The VeriSign Managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) service is a fully integrated enterprise platform designed to secure intranet, extranet, and Internet applications by combining maximum flexibility, performance, and scalability with high availability and security. This infrastructure can be combined with token, smartcard, or biometrics to provide strong two-factor authentication.
Go Secure! Solutions
A suite of managed application services that help you to secure your most vital transaction and communication faster & easily.
    Go Secure! for Web Applications
    Go Secure! for Virtual Private Networks
    Go Secure! for Trusted Messaging
    Go Secure! for SAP
    Go Secure! for Identrus
Think of timestamp as a digital or electronic notary. We can incorporate the time stamping solutions to meet all your business, legal, and regulatory requirements. It is suited for intellectual property, electronic documents witnessing and authentication.
Filing Income Tax online is now possible in Malaysia with the use MyKey Digital Certificate. Find out how you can digitally sign and submit your income tax without leaving your home or office.