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  SSL VPN for Remote Access Services



The increase of organizations in adopting an e-business approach with suppliers, business partners, and customers has required organizations to open up the access of their network and applications to third parties. Adding to this evolution is the mobile employees who need to access the corporate network from any remote locations. Organization must ensure that they have a proper remote access infrastructure in place so that they do not comprise the security of the network and confidential business information.

MSC Trustgate offers simple and cost effective remote access solutions for mobile workers, branch offices, partners and others you want to give access to your network resources, without affecting the security of your enterprise.

SSL Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN)

When it comes to implementing VPN for your organization, there are many considerations. For example, how do you allow access to multiple resources and applications without compromising on your security? How do you cater for the ever-increasing range of devices that access your corporate network?

Our SSL VPN solution gives you secure remote access based on the web security standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This award winning SSL VPN can be configured to access multiple intranet sites with single sign-on. Using a standard browsers and an Internet connection, you can get access to your intranet, e-mail and business system from wherever you are and whatever device you choose.

Our SSL VPN solution provides an advanced policy management component to authenticate users and type of device they are using. The security feature may be extended to including two-form authentication with the choice of tokens, downloaded Java applets, challenge-respond or static password stored in your device, or one-time password sent via SMS.

Instant VPN

Instant VPN is a subscription-based Managed VPN service that enables corporations to extend secure access to network resources for remote users, customers and business partners. It provides instant deployment, easy administration, high levels of security and cost savings. There is no equipment to purchase, install, configure, maintain or upgrade.

InstantVPN can be set up and fully deployed within days, and requires minimal administration, and no extensive networking or security knowledge. The connections are authenticated with password and public key infrastructure, the policy database authorizes access to network resources determined by the administrator, and network links are encrypted point-to-point.

Instant VPN provides you with security, managability, reliability, and scalability as your business grows.