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  MyTRUST Benefit


  MyTRUST for Mobile Signature

Simply Convenient
Easy to identify yourself and simple to sign via SIM card. Just read the text message and digitally sign with your secure PIN.

Legally Binding
All transactions are digitally signed with non-repudiation. Avoid disputes and provide better customer service and experience.

Highly Secure
Two-factor authentication with dual channel security. Prevent online frauds and provide data integrity and condentiality.

  With MyTRUST, you can turns a SIM card into a Mobile Digital Identity for secure mobile banking and other financial services. Mobile digital signature provides non-repudiation on transactions under the Digital Signature Act, 1997. It runs on Wireless PKI platform and Mobile Operator infrastructure. PKI-enabled SIM cards are preloaded with MyTrust application and a digital certificate from a licensed Certification Authority. Users are able to digitally sign any transaction with ease and convenience via their mobile phone

MyTRUST for Government

MyTRUST for Banks

MyTRUST for Enterprise