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  MPKI Benefit


  Managed PKI for Enterprise Trust Services

Fast Time to Deploy – Your fully operational PKI can be up and running within a few days.

Lowest Cost of Ownership - On Site delivers the lowest cost of ownership when compared with stand-alone PKI software.

Scaleability - TRUSTGATE’s enterprise PKI solution scales smoothly to millions of users . You pay only for the scale of PKI needed.

Open PKI - Leverage one of the 140+ ISV applications already supported by MPKI or PKI-enable your own legacy applications .MPKI doesn’t lock you into proprietary desktop software.


Our Managed Public Key Infrastructure (MPKI) service is a fully integrated enterprise platform designed to secure intranet, extranet, and Internet applications by combining maximum flexibility, performance, and scalability with high availability and security.

The service allow enterprise to quickly and cost-effectively establish a robust PKI and Certification Authority (CA) system with complete control over security policies, PKI hierarchies, authentication models, and certificate lifecycle management. Linked to Trustgate’s robust, high-availability certificate processing services, the service enables faster deployment and lower operating costs while providing an open platform that integrates with off-the-shelf solutions. Trustgate allows enterprise to easily deploy a PKI while relieving itself from the high expense of designing, provisioning, staffing, and maintaining its own PKI backbone.

Organizations can set up their own multiple digital certification program quickly, easily and economically, through our flexible managed service. With Managed PKI, you can issue 250 or more digital certificates to customers, suppliers, partners, or employees. This solution helps to protect on-line transactions, digitally sign them and control the access to intranets and extranets.

Malaysia’s Cyberlaw only endorses Digital IDs that are issued by Certification Authority (CA). This means, your online transaction can only be disputed in the courts of law if it uses the Digital ID issued by the CA.

Key differential advantages

Convenient online delivery and management of digital certificates. End-user enrollment for digital certificate and certificate issuance is done via Web-based service. Both end-user and administrator services are browser-based and accessed via the Web.

Complete control over digital certificate issuance, usage, certificate content, renewal, revocation and lifecycle management. This is unlike the public CA deployment model whereby customers will have to rely on the public CA entirely and comply with the policies of the public CA. The public CA model also does not provide for control over service levels to end users and is difficult to scale in large user population.

Easy to use and manage with Web-based user and administrator services. All the certificates can be applied for, registered, and enrolled online with the web browsers in a secure manner.

Scalability. Some of our local customers have previously used PKI solution provided by another PKI system provider. They have decided to switch to Trustgate because of our proven ability to scale and provide reliable PKI systems for critical financial transactions.