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  Digital ID for Secure Transactions, Documents & E-mails



Each day, millions of business transactions and correspondence are being carried out over the unsecured network. These transactions and correspondence normally contain highly confidential information such as credit card details, customer particulars, pricing information, trade agreements, or even business strategies. Such information can be easily viewed or altered in transit if not properly encrypted.

Secure Transaction with Digital ID

To ensure your confidential information remains private in transit, you need to use Digital ID to sign & encrypt your transactions. Digital ID is an electronic credentials that uses private key and public key to facilitate the following operations:

Authentication you are who you claim you are
Privacy your confidential data remains private
Authorization control user access rights to important data
Integrity be sure data is not altered behind your back
Non-repudiation have the evidence in the event of a dispute

Digital ID from MSC is governed by the Digital Signature Act 1997. Without a legitimate Digital ID in your electronic transaction, your contract is not admissible in court in the case of dispute.


CyptoSuite from MSC allows you to secure your files and documents with a single-click of the mouse button. This utility uses digital certificate to encrypt the file so that only the intended recipient with your public key can decrypt it. The encrypted file can be safely stored in any medium or send over the less-secured web-mail.

CryptoSuite is easy to install and it seamlessly integrates into your Windows file system. The suite also includes other capabilities such as signing and verifying functions so that you can authenticate the sender.

Secured E-mail

Use Digital ID to sign & encrypt your e-mail to ensure your confidential e-mail remains private. Install in your Web browser or e-mail software, MSC Digital ID serves as an electronic substitute for handwritten signature & sealed envelopes. Installing and using MSC Digital ID is easily done with the point-and-click interfaces of leading browsers and e-mail packages.

Digitally sign the e-mail messages to assure your recipients that the e-mail really came from you. Encrypt the e-mail contents and attachments help to protect them from being read by online intruders.