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MSC Sdn Bhd is a licensed Certification Authority (CA) operating within the Multimedia Super Corridor. MSC Trustgate was incorporated in 1999 to meet the growing need for secure open network communications and become the catalyst for the growth of e-commerce, both locally and across the ASEAN region. At present, MSC Trustgate has 12 million in paid up capital.

Trustgate is licensed under the Digital Signature Act 1997 (DSA), a Malaysia law that sets a global precedent for the mandate of a CA. As a CA, Trustgate’s core business is to provide digital certification services, including digital certificates, cryptographic products, and software development.

We are committed to provide the finest Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to assist all types of companies and institutions conducting their business over the Internet. The state of the art back-end infrastructure that costs RM 14 million is one of the best in the region.

Our Vision

Security is the primary concern of entering into the new Internet economy. The ever-changing paradigm of e-commerce requires a well-mandated security infrastructure. The vision of Trustgate is clear:

“To enable organizations to conduct their business securely over the Internet, as much as what they have been enjoying in the physical world.”