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We provide trusted and encryption technology that secure your online communication, hence protect your vital business information from prying eyes. We are the first Malaysian Internet trust solutions company authorized to offer 128-bit SSL Server ID that is now used in financial institutions, insurance companies, e-government, healthcare organizations and other online trading. We also offer Digital ID for MyKad (Malaysian National Identity Card) that is now used in online tax filing, e-procurements and many more.


Secure Server ID (SSL Server ID)

The Secure SSL Server ID provides encryption between browser and the Web server. It is ideal for securing intranet, extranet, and Web sites.


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Global Server ID (128-bit SSL Server ID)

The Global SSL Server ID gives you the strongest encryption commercially available today. E-commerce players who are serious about their business choose the 128-bit or 256 bit technology to secure the communication between their Web sites and their visitors.

Global Server ID is commonly used in financial institutions, insurance companies, e-government, online merchants, healthcare organizations, and more.


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Trial SSL Server ID

Over 93% of Fortune 500 companies are using VeriSign SSL Certificate to protect their e-commerce. Now you can try one free. To obtain your free SSL Trial ID, please click the link below.


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MyKey (Digital ID for MyKad)

MyKey is the Digital ID that is stored inside MyKad. It provides encryption technology and digital signature capability so that the Malaysian citizen and conduct online transaction securely. MyKey is governed by Malaysia’s Digital Signature Act 1997 & is accepted by the court of laws in Malaysia.  A document digitally signed with MyKey is treated as a legal binding document as it is with a handwritten signature.


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