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Digital IDs

MSC Trustgate provides trusted and encryption technology that secure your online communication and transaction hence protect your vital business information from prying eyes.

MyTrust ID

MyTrust ID is a digital certificate issued by MSC Trustgate to individual or corporate users for online authentication and submission of applications or documents. The MyTrust ID can be used by lawyers in Malaysia to perform e-filing, by consumers to apply for tax exemption or to submit documents to government authorities and by Money Changers to submit reports to Bank Negara.

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MyKey (Digital ID for MyKad)

MyKey is the Digital ID that is stored inside MyKad. It provides encryption technology and digital signature capability for Malaysians to conduct online transaction securely. MyKey is governed by Malaysia’s Digital Signature Act 1997/98 & is accepted by the court of laws in Malaysia. A document digitally signed with MyKey is treated as a legal binding document as it is with a handwritten signature.

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